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Airplane in the sky


We at Braathens IT are passionate about enabling hassle free travel for frequent travelers and delivering significant savings to Airlines, Corporates, Travel Agent’s and Travellers. We believe that subscription based flight purchasing is the way forward and our mission is to make it happen across the globe.
We are based in Oslo & London and we are part of the successful Braganza Group, a significant travel group with gross revenues of $1 bn. The Bragazna Group includes an airline, aircraft leasing, an OTA, travel agencies and airline IT services.

For many years, Braganza owned Braathens (SAFE) airline. Investments in the airline industry, tourism, leisure and distribution of tourism products account for the majority of our current investment portfolio. Read more aobout Braganza here.

Please get in touch with us, we love to talk about making travel hassle free.