Subscription Travel


“Travel subscription” refers to a plan which persons or companies subscribe to that can have prepaid and/or postpaid travel products, e.g. unlimited flights for a given period, a given number of prepaid flights or “pay-as-you-fly”, hence the traveler is invoiced after the journey is made. Instead of buying, changing or cancelling separate tickets for each flight, the customer makes use of travel subscription services. The concept is targeted towards frequent flyers or people who travel on a regular basis.

Subscription models have been in use by many other areas of product offerings towards people. For instance, monthly bus card, streaming music or movies online and so on. We believe that the time is mature for utilizing this concept for the airline industry. Just as you can stream as much music as you want for a period of time, the same concept can be valid for air travel.


Advantages for the airline:

  • Increase revenue
  • Maximize high yield
  • Creating loyal travelers
  • Drive customer self service
  • Compete on other elements than price
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce distribution cost
  • Reduce administration cost
  • Reduction of back-office and administrative workload through an increase of automation

Advantages for the traveler:

  • Easy to rebook and cancel
  • 60% faster to book
  • Predefined profiles and payment
  • Efficient expense claims
  • Negotiated fares