Ticketless vs Electronic ticketing

TravelPass opens the world of ticketless travel to both the airline and the customer, offering significant benefits for both. The customer will value the ease of use, especially in terms of changes to bookings, while the airline benefits from reduced manual processing costs, reduced ETKT handling costs and a reduction of complexity in purchase and servicing processes.

The ticketless option within TravelPass is included in the product at no extra cost, including the administration interfaces required. When using the TravelPass Ticketless option, no clearing via BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) is required, but it is optional. Distribution can be done on a ticketless basis, utilizing the IATA standard ETLP, which is supported by all PSS. The ticketless solution offers direct and standard reporting to revenue accounting, handled as a normal ticket sale in the reporting system.

At the same time, airlines can opt to use ETKTs with TravelPass, taking advantage of the benefits of the current ETKT processes within the airline. TravePass also provides standard reporting to the airline’s revenue accounting system.The main benefit of using ETKT is the handling on other airlines in cases of irregularity. For most airlines, it is recommended to start using TravelPass with the ticketless option.